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As your next mayor, I will work to strengthen our local economy while pursuing policies that address the rising issues in Urbana.  I will work to ensure our city is as nurturing to our children as it has been to us.  To make Urbana better, I would begin with prioritzing leadership that not only looks to the future but also makes City Hall better serve the people that elected us.


  • Family outreach and development: this will be a partnership with local agencies to implement a full re-establishment program.  Our program will cover day to day housing care and planning of finances and timely bill payments.  This program is meant to buid the confidence of citizens to go beyond the limits placed on them.

  • Urban workforce development (partnering w/ Parkland College) for work and study certification programing.  We will work directly with MTD to assist in eliminating the trouble of travel.

  • Local government classes and mock city hall meetings for citizens to understand local government.


  • Bringing businesses in with the thought of financial growth, making Urbana attractive for potential incoming businesses. 

  • Quality of life also means quality jobs.  I want to create a climate that encourages businesses and entrepreneurs to follow their ingenuity and invest in their dreams.  We will work to keep you in Urbana.

  • Downtown revitalization.  We will focus on developing a more attractive downtown for Urbana residents, University of Illinois students as well as families and tourist.


  • Prioritizing a financial literacy curriculum for youth and adult level education.

  • Community development incentives for high school vocational training projects.

  • Open policing project, in which we will focus on re-establishing the trust between our police and our community members.  We will implement community outreach in which will encourage law enforcement to be viewed as "to protect and serve."  No longer will we have to be in fear of each other.

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